What Inspires YOU Into Action?

I wake up at 6am this morning without an alarm. It’s a bit unusual for me, especially since it’s a holiday and I have the day off.

This is how the rest of my morning goes:

I write in my dream journal. Meditate. Create my intention for the day. Drink tea. Make protein shake. File my taxes. Go to yoga class. Eat breakfast….

Wait…what!? I filed my taxes this morning before breakfast!? And it’s only January!

Every year I postpone doing my taxes as long as possible. I have to force myself to get it done by the deadline in April. Seriously. I hate doing my taxes. I have it that it’s too complicated, too much work, and too annoying. I spend months dreading it.

Not this year. Not today.

Today I created inspiration. I didn’t have to wait for it. I created it. I created it when I woke up and it called me into action. It had me fulfill on all of my morning practices and it had me file my taxes.

And my taxes literally took an hour to complete.

Inspiration is available to all of us at anytime. Martin Luther King Jr. was inspired to create racial equity. His career and accomplishments were motivated by his inspiration and determination to realize his vision.

You are also out to accomplish big things in your life. In my coaching, I am on the hunt to listen for what lights you up and what inspires you. Only when we get to that space, is when we create action plans to fulfill on what’s important to you.

Look at your life and ask yourself this question. What inspires you?  Fill yourself up with inspiration and see how it calls you into action!



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