What Do You Really Want?

Last fall I stood up in front of a group of people and declared, In 2017 I will travel internationally for one month! Today I booked a plane ticket for Bali in December.

And this wasn’t necessarily going to happen…

I love traveling. I used to travel and I even lived abroad for about five years. When I travel, I feel free. I love the adventure. I love wandering through towns that I don’t know, getting lost, and then finding my way. I love meeting new people and being part of new communities.

For over ten years, I stopped planning these trips. Why?

I pretended that it didn’t matter. Every time my best friend would tell me about this travels, I would pretend to be excited for him. I made up that I have so much going on, that I didn’t need or want to travel. But deep inside I was super jealous.

I also had it that I didn’t have enough money or time to travel. As a leader of an organization, how could I possibly leave? I am needed! How will the organization survive without me?

I really got that these fears are so inauthentic. I have an incredible team who are fully capable of leading the organization. If I planned ahead, I could delegate tasks and make sure any loose ends were tied.

I discovered that underneath all of this was my fear of really having what I wanted. Somehow I decided that I couldn’t really have what I wanted. Maybe someday, but not now! I have been afraid of truly living my desires. Can I actually fulfill my dreams? Is it really possible?

I explored these questions.

I listened. I listened to my inner voice, my inner knowing that truly knows my heart’s desire. I noticed that the fear was still there. But instead being stopped by it, I allowed it to be my guide. I became clear, confident and courageous.

I declared this to people. I didn’t know when I would travel or how I would make it happen. But I shared that I would travel for one month in 2017. I shared this with many people I would come across.

Then, my life arranged itself around this declaration. I received my tax refund and saved up my vacation days. Now I had the money and time! No excuses!

So today I booked my plane ticket.

And now I get to live into my future of travel and adventure. I am joyful and empowered knowing that I can actually have what I want in my life!

And so can you.


4 thoughts on “What Do You Really Want?

  1. Hi Liora!
    What a great post, thank you for sharing. I realize from reading this that I also am held back by fear a lot. So it’s great to hear how you manifested what you really wanted with public declarations, soul searching, and planning. I’m learning as well how to manifest what I really want, and “cleaning house” so to speak, internally. For me, it all starts with finding my authentic voice, and learning to speak up for myself.
    thanks again for sharing,

  2. I think this is why I’ve been telling everyone about the possibility of Julie’s job in France! I want to make it happen (it is out of my control) and I want to set the intention and not let the fear about it run things. Great post!

  3. Love it! Great job putting your intentions out there and being aware when the fear comes up. I am excited about the possibilities for both of you!

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