testimonials, what clients say about working with Liora Sponko

Working with Liora has allowed me to fully realize my own self critiques. She creates the space for me to recognize this voice and begin to utilize it and turn into something passionate and compassionate. I get effective tools that I feel I can bring into reality and practice. I am deepening my awareness of my own self destructive patterns and guided me through these patterns to reach the other side. I am grateful for Liora in my soul work practice and am glad we have connected on my path to deeper self awareness.
– Tara B.

I would never believe my good fortune to be so wholly blessed be the likes of such a delightfully talented and clear business coach as Liora!
– Tom C.

I have been working with Liora for one year, and she has been a tremendous help.  I look back at some of my goals a year ago, and I see that I have either accomplished or am progressing on all of them.  She is a fantastic listener, and is able to help me formulate my ideas into a clear manner.  Suddenly the things that seemed overwhelming or impossible, become doable and exciting!  I look forward each month to our time together, and I can honestly say that she is part of the reason that things are moving ahead for me.  Before I began my work with Liora, I felt a lack of focus.  I had a lot of ideas, but didn’t know how to prioritize or accomplish what I wanted.  But now, I have a system in place that works for me. Working with Liora has changed my life in a very positive way, and I highly recommend her as a Life Coach.
– Carolyn G.

Liora has been an instrumental part of the successful launch of my business. From defining my core vision, to developing clear goals toward realizing that vision, she’s helped me to learn to focus on my strengths and to be a more effective person and professional. Her kind and accepting demeanor allows for an environment for discovery and growth, and her acumen and experience lends real ground to the guidance she provides.

Liora serves as the lighthouse back to my professional path when the day to day makes the larger picture seem foggy. Aside from in person meetings, she is always available to help keep me accountable and offer advice and support, which is so, so helpful! Working with Liora has transformed the dubious process of starting up a small business from frustrating to an overall more rewarding experience.
-Erika P.