Surfing with Curiosity

I am riding a wave in the ocean, trying to stand on my surfboard. I get on my knees, then one foot, then the other. Just as I am about to stand up, I lose my balance and fall into the water. As I emerge from under the wave, I am full of salt water and full of smiles.

This is only my second time attempting to surf. Growing up in Southern California, I have memories of boogie boarding in huge Malibu waves. I love the ocean, but I totally suck at surfing. Yet something keeps pulling me into those waves.

Some people are clear on their passion. For others, our passion evolves over time. For people, like me, I was never really clear on what my passion was. I have many interests, but I never exactly knew the one thing I was meant to do.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about exploring our curiosity. She believes that exploring our curiosity is the best place to start. It can even lead us to uncovering our passions.

“It might seem like nothing, but it’s a clue. Follow that clue. Trust it. See where curiosity will lead you next. Then follow the next clue, and the next, and the next. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a voice in the desert; it’s just a harmless scavenger hunt. Following that scavenger hunt can lead you to amazing unexpected places. It may even eventually lead you to your passion—albeit through a strange, untraceable passageway of back alleys, underground caves, and secret doors.”

There are so many examples of this such a people who completely change their jobs after years in their field or retired people who start playing music.

As I look at my own life, I notice that I have always been directed by curiosity. This has led me to incredible adventures and successes.

~My curiosity for learning Spanish in high school, and then college, led me to live in Spain for two years and Costa Rica for three years. Living abroad was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.

~My curiosity for working for a nonprofit organization when I was 18 years old, led me to an incredible career in nonprofits. I am proud to know that I have impacted thousands of people throughout my life.

~My curiosity for live music and going to concerts, led me to connect with my creative self. I now  serve the arts community and help connect people to their own creativity.

You don’t always have to know your final destination to follow your heart. By cultivating trust and listening to your curiosities, you can strengthen your intuition. This voice is your guide. It can lead you to success, adventure, love, ease, and anything else your heart desires.

Following our curiosities isn’t always easy. So much fear can show up. Every time I get in that ocean, I am freaked out. I’m scared that I will get hurt. I’m scared that I won’t get up from under a wave. I’m scared that other surfers will judge and make fun of me.

Instead of being stopped by this fear, I can see that my fears are also my guide. When my heart starts beating harder and faster, it’s a sign that it is my turn. I am on my path.

I don’t know where surfing will lead me. Will I even get good enough to stand on the board? I don’t know. I am clear there is a curiosity inside of me that has me head back to that ocean tomorrow.

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