Opera in a Bookstore on a Full Moon

The Woman of Salt at Tsunami Books

I truly believe that we are all creative. But we don’t always experience ourselves to be that way. We get stopped by, “I’m not good enough. My work isn’t that good.” So we limit ourselves from what’s possible.

Tonight I breathed a bit deeper. I got connected to the power of creativity.

Tonight I was inspired by a woman who wrote an opera. She never composed anything before, nor had any formal music training. All she did was listen to herself and do what she was meant to do. You can see her light. You can see her joy.

I am getting present to the power of opera. It provides an opportunity to go deep. To look at your life, allow yourself feel, and meet yourself exactly where you are.

I was talking with a fellow and asked him what he did for a living. He paused, and smiled, and said he is…living. He doesn’t have a job. He is waiting to discover his purpose and is listening for what he is meant to do.

It takes courage and trust to be willing to dig deep and uncover your path. To listen to yourself. To connect with your deeper knowing. To allow your creativity to manifest.

To sing and to shine. Just like opera in a bookstore on a full moon.


The Woman of Salt was performed at Tsunami Books on February 10th.



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