Journey with the Eclipse

I have been looking forward to this day for months. Yet I had NO IDEA what this day would really mean for me.

I’m too excited to sleep. I wake up at 2am, and then 5am, and finally just get up in the darkness to meditate, practice yoga and truly be ready for the day.

My brother had told me to make sure I am not only in the path of totality, but right in line of the eclipse. “Even 20 seconds makes a difference!” he exclaimed.

With that in mind, I drive up to the closest place of totality. I look at the map and see there is a road that ends perpendicular to the line. My heart racing, I drive up a dirt road until it ends where there is an open space surrounded by vineyards, blueberry bushes and a tree farm. This is my spot. And here I wait.

“Simple. Clear. Easy. Beautiful,” I write in my journal. “Nothing too fancy. Nothing too planned.”

As I watch the moon pass over the sun for over an hour, I continue to write.

“May the eclipse reset me. May I allow the light and the darkness to provide me with healing and love. May I allow the darkness to clear my fears so I can be filled with light.”

And then darkness begins to fall across the vineyard. Totality hits.

For over two minutes, the blaze around the moon ignites me. I am so moved by the beauty and power of this experience. I start to cry and my heart opens. It’s absolutely incredible.

“Thank you, universe. Thank you for giving me this experience of love,” I whisper as the tears flow down my cheeks. “Thank you for giving me this experience of eternal love and allowing me to be connected to my own power and strength.”

The moon continues to move across the sun and the light slowly reappears across the sky. I am heartbroken it is over. Yet I’m grateful for this intense experience of connection. My brother was right, every second makes a difference.

This is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever witnessed. I am so present to the magic and mystery of the universe. And I know there are millions of people around the globe who were also moved by its greatness.

May I share beauty with the world as the eclipse shared with me. May I love people as intensely as the universe loves me. May I always be present to the light, the darkness, and the transformation of the world.


Eclipse photo by Jason Charme Photography

2 thoughts on “Journey with the Eclipse

  1. Wow, that was so powerful Liora, thank you for sharing. Sounds like you had a truly magical experience! We had a profound experience too and I was so glad we also drove up totality. Blessings on your journey!!

  2. Thanks Karen! So glad to hear you also had a profound experience. Love that we are all on our own journeys!

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