Let’s Work Right in Tune

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Do you work a job that you are not passionate about?

Do you doubt your ability to be successful as an artist or creative professional?
If you answer yes to these questions, then…

Are you ready to trust yourself and live the creative life that you have always wanted?

I truly believe you can thrive from a creative career.

Coaching will help you uncover what is in your way from having a successful, creative career. Whether you are an artist who wants to be represented in galleries, a woodworker who wants to make more money, or a graphic designer who is building her business, coaching is an essential tool to create your vision, develop clear goals, and take action!

As your coach, I will be your creative thinking collaborator, your mirror, your support person, and your accountability partner.

We will work Right in Tune to create the career that you love.

I’ve got no worries, got not doubts.
Cause I know, you got it all worked out.
You know your part, and I know mine.
We’re right in tune, me and you.
-Lyrics by Todd Sheaffer, Railroad Earth


One thought on “Let’s Work Right in Tune

  1. hi Liora,
    So excited for your new business! I know you are helping artists be successful in their careers and that’s such a bonus for our community. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

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