Choose an Awesome Life


choose an awesome life

I am twenty years old and on a plane to Spain for one year abroad. I am nervous, as this is the first time I am leaving my friends and family to live in another country. I pick up my journal, my first one ever, and start writing.

“Everyone says this will be the best year of my life. I believe them, but I am scared because I don’t know what to expect. I have to remember that the secret of life is attitude. If I have a good outlook, then things will turn out good. This year will be awesome if I make it.”

Now, twenty years later, the insights of this scared and courageous young woman are more than true for me.

Life is what I make it. Despite my fears, my view of life is what makes a difference.

I have worked for nonprofit organizations for over twenty years. I contributed to afterschool programs, mentorship programs, environmental education, college students, survivors of domestic violence, Latino immigrants and the arts. Whew!

Looking back, I am proud of all of my experiences. Yet, as I think about my mindset in each of my positions, my internal dialogue is always complaining and exposing my fears. It goes something like this: “I have too much to do! I wont be able to meet my deadlines! I am afraid I will fail!”

Do any of these conversations sound familiar to you? What are your ongoing fears and complaints?

Through coaching and doing the work, I have learned that my fears and complaints do not have to limit me. I can bring awareness of them and choose to not listen to them.

Instead, I can listen to my inner voice, the one that inspires me. The one that says, “I want to challenge myself. I want to be connected with people. I want to make a difference.

Through intention and awareness, I create a view of life that truly empowers me.

Who I am is someone who makes a difference for artists and creative professionals.

Reading through my journal evoked emotion. It wasn’t sadness though; I am inspired by that young woman on the plane. I really get that I am that same courageous person who gets to choose an awesome life.




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