Back to the Basics

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I met with my naturopath last week. She asked me what I was dealing with.

I said, “I want more vitality. I think I need to drink more water, sleep eight hours a night, and exercise regularly. “

“Oh, the basics!” she said.

“Yes, the basics.” I smiled back.

I noticed that I have avoided focusing on my health and well-being. I compromise sleep to stay up late for an event, or compromise exercise to attend a committee meeting. I want to be a contribution to people, but can find myself run-down, stressed and anxious.

A few years ago, I took an amazing yoga class from Seane Corn. I remember her sharing her list of non-negotiables to a living healthy life. They are the core things that sustain her, allow her to stay centered, and most importantly, fuel her to do her life work and serve others.

I’ve been inspired by the simplicity and power of such a list. Here are mine:

1.     Adequate sleep

2.     Healthy diet

3.     Daily exercise/yoga

4.     Meditation/awareness practice

5.     Gratitude practice

6.     Coaching

When I am regularly fulfilling my basics, I am my best self. I can genuinely be a contribution to people without compromising myself. In fact, I am more available to people and find joy readily available.

What are your “basics” or “non-negotiables” to living a healthy and joyful life?

I invite you to create your own list, live by them, and see what opens up for you.

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